Tuesday, October 18, 2011

January - May 2011

So it's been a year and it turns out that we're not really bloggers... The whole point of this blog was initially to chronicle our exciting adventures and mishaps as a (sort-of) young couple living in San Francisco. Clearly, we haven't really done that. We've done kind of a lot of awesome things this year and in an attempt to remember that 2011 was not just the year that we got married, here's a highlight reel of sorts:

We celebrated our first New Years Eve in San Francisco with mostly girls. Sorry, Jeff.

Or perhaps not-so-sorry, Jeff.

I turned 25! To celebrate I ate lots of Austrian food at Leopold's and danced my butt off.

In April, Jeffrey turned the big 3-0! I had planned for a few weeks to throw Jeff a big surprise birthday dinner with our friends at a German restaurant called Suppenkuche that he had been dying to try. I told him that all of our friends were busy that weekend so we would have a low key, romantic celebration. We took the train into work and planned to take a cab from the train station to dinner for our fancy dinner date. Unfortunately, the train was shut down all evening due to an accident and we were stranded in Palo Alto. Jeff was adamant that we stay in Palo Alto and skip dinner as a taxi to the city would be too expensive, but somehow I managed to convince him (and procure a pretty much free town car with a friend!). We made it into the city just in time for dinner and Jeff was actually still really surprised when he saw all our friends waiting for him (or at least kindly acted like it)!

May turned out to be a crazy month - respective Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, Oyster Fest, and the San Francisco classic, Bay to Breakers!

Oyster Fest - too many oysters in the sun. Let's just leave it at that. Although we did get to meet Alli from the Bachelorette which is just about as exciting/unexciting as it sounds.

We were Charlie Sheen quotes for B2B this year. I think it slightly edges our the World Cup theme of 2010 plus the accessory options were about 15 times better (tigers blood, anyone?).

I am proud that our hair was equally awesome on this day.

I celebrated my last weekend as a single woman in Sonoma with a few of my favorite people. I don't have pictures of Jeff's bachelor party, but I think that's probably for the best.

Then we got married (I think that's been appropriately chronicled elsewhere). Before that, the Ostlers were kind enough to host our rehearsal dinner at Bridges in Danville. With friends and relatives scattered all over the country, we felt so lucky to have all of the most special people in our lives in one place.

OK that's enough for now. After over a year of silence I don't want to over do it on my first post back. :)

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